Renovating Goals

Renovating Goals

Renovation Goal Planning

Setting SMART goals for your renovation or build

Make a Plan.

Write down what you want from the renovation.

This will give you a clear path to structure the scopes of work.

Changing and adding ideas during a renovation or build can create budget blowouts and result in unfinished projects.

Being clear from the beginning about what you want to achieve from the project will help you stay on budget and complete the project without future to-do lists.

Goals give direction to your plan. Being clear from the outset about what you want to achieve helps maintain focus and motivation to succeed.

Read our Top tips to setting renovation and building goals:

1.Be Specific.

Really brainstorm what you specifically want to achieve from a renovation or new build.

More living area or a New Home is not specific enough. Think about how you want to use the area and how you want to live in that area. Create a living space with enough seating for our family to sit and play chess or talk about the day or Build a three-bedroom home with 2 bathrooms that is energy efficient to run and easy to maintain


2.Timelines and budget.

Having a clear measurable end point will help you achieve your renovation and building goals.

Timelines to complete a renovation will ensure what you start does not turn into a never-ending project. We have 4 weeks to complete our bathroom renovation.

Specifying your budget will help your goal stay achievable. I only want to spend $250 000 on our house build.

3. Design and set achievable goals. What our heart desires can be more than what our wallet can afford. Your goal to renovate your home, or build a new home, needs to be consistent with what you can afford and comfortably achieve financially.

Is your goal of building a 7-bedroom luxury home achievable on a shoestring budget? Is $5 000 a realistic budget to create a luxury main bathroom? Our motto, do it once do it well, focuses on you spending your money in the best way for you to achieve your renovation and building goal

4. Relevant goal.

Spending your hard-earned money and precious time on renovating or building should resonate with your priorities in life.

If you love entertaining and hosting functions, then spending money and time on renovating your indoor and outdoor living space is perfect.

Is your family growing and needs more space to live and play; then creating a home that will support your growing family for years to come is relevant.

Have you worked hard for years and now want your home to be a place you can experience luxury and indulgence? Goals should be relevant and reflect where you want to go in your life.


Avoid the never-ending to do list with a time-bound goal. This creates a healthy sense of tension that will propel you and your builder to achieve your renovation and new-build goals.

Use our Smart Goal Template

Initial Plan Write the goal you have in mind.



What do you want to accomplish? What feelings do you want to achieve from your renovation or new home? What practicalities do you need to get out of the renovation or new build?



What is your timeline? What is your budget?



What renovation or build budget can you comfortably afford to take on with your current lifestyle? What is the motivation for your renovation or new build?



How is your goal relevant to what you want to achieve from your renovation or new build? Will a bathroom renovation create luxury in your home? Is a 4-bedroom home going to create enough space for your family?



What is my deadline? What is the builder’s deadline? Are these realistic timeframes?



What is the specific achievable goal for your renovation or new build?

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